Jade Stewart

Transforming herself and her profession from fitness to the Healing Arts, Jade’s energy and knowledge of spiritual healing and bodywork combined has offered both a unique and powerful mind and body experience for her clients.

After being in clinical practise for 20 years seeing close to 40 clients a week, full time. Jade knew it was time to grow her understanding of the mind and the emotional response, to understand its effects on the body. She started her study Frequency Healing which lead to her first overseas trip to Hawaii for a month of intense study in 2012. This was the start of Jade’s global pilgrimage.

This lead to the next six years of intense travelling internationally to study with various teachers. Starting in Europe in June 2014 with regular trips back and forth to study with her spiritual teachers in the UK learning about the consciousness and its impact on the mind and body. As this journey continued, Jade was committed by wanting to dive even deeper. In December 2015 she then took a 4 week pilgrimage course to India with Lama Tender, to study with the Dalai Lama sitting amongst 80,000 monks on the path-way to Enlightenment. With only a small percentage of westerners being able to reach these advance teachings of the mind and consciousness.

Jade then went back to Europe to study with Advance Program Design (Training from Neuro Transmitter Response) with Charles Poliquin in Spain and Manchester. Jade also completed the Fitness Industry Business Master classes with Phill Learny in London and his training camps, covering women’s health (Fat loss and Nutrition) in well know studio Transformations Ultimate Performance in London.

Her last visit to France was to take another journey into the feminine teachings. With further development working with the Swiss Olympic winter sports Aerial skiing team in 2018 as holistic practitioner. With a final pilgrimage in the Middle East Israel and Egypt in 2019 completing the sacred sites. In 2021 started the deep dive in to yoga completing teacher training in Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Remedial yoga and Vedanta mediation. After a pilgrimage to India to soak up the further knowledge early 2023 Jade went back to India and found the love of the complete system of Ayurveda science. Recently finished the Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage training vital veda here in Australia on return also in completing 400hrs Himalayan breath work and Kriya teacher training with Sattva life under the Sattva academy in the Himalayas in India.

This has now given Jade a total holistic view on massage working in with aromatherapy and other tools. Always looking at the whole picture by the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects. Giving a more integrated session. In these fast moving times of growth and expansion we must support our body as a whole. High Expectations and Performance goals means we need to really nurture the mind and bodies weaknesses to be able to meet our optimal health goals.



Certificate IV in Massage – Central Coast – 2003

Waterlily Spa Skincare Training – Hamilton Island – Brisbane – Central Coast – 2006

Diploma of Project Management – Hamilton Island – 2006

Reiki level I,II ,III and Reiki Masters – Blue Mountains – 2007

Doreen Virtues Angel Intuitive Course – Gold Coast – 2007

Lithos Hot Stone Therapy – Central Coast – 2007

Diploma of Polarity Energy Balancing – Central Coast- 2007

Fundamental training of Transference Healing – Sydney -2008

Advance Level of Transference Healing – Sydney – 2009

Teachers Level of Transference Healing – Sydney – 2012

Mystery School I – Transference Healing – 21 days Hawaiian Islands – 2012

Diploma of Remedial Massage – Trigger Point – Sports – Pregnancy – Oncology – Lymphatics – Myofascial Massage Techniques – 2013

Practitioner Training Child of Light & Beyond Doorways Transference Healing – Glastonbury – 2014

The Way of the Rose Sacred Feminine Teachings – South of France – 2014

Ignite Guest Speaker – Sacred Signs – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – 2015

Dalai Lama – Jangchub Lam Rim The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment Teachings – 4 week Pilgrimage India – 2015

Divine Business Training with Rena Mortimer Transference Healing Teacher – Glastonbury – 2016

Sacred Body Awakening Feminine Teachings – Glastonbury & South of France – 2016

UP Fitness Female Specific Fat Loss Seminar – Mayfair London – 2016

Advanced Strength Program Design – Neurotransmitter Dominance and Deficiency – With Charles Poliquin – Marbella Spain -2016

UP Nutrition Seminar – Mayfair London – 2016

Exercise Biomechanics & Nutrition for sports performance with Charles Poliquin – Manchester UK – 2016

Business Masterclass for the Fitness Industry with Phil learney – London – 2016

Elemental Body Transformation Certification – Christian Maurice, Icon Performance Health, Sydney (AUS) Level 1 – 2016

Psychology, Macro Modulation, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Training

Hypertrophy Seminar – Christian Thibaudeau, Icon Performance Health, Sydney – 2016

Sacred Sites of Ancient Egypt – Egypt – March 2017

Blood Analysis Certification – Christian Maurice, Icon Performance Health, Sydney (AUS) Level 2 – May 2017

Psychology, Macro Modulation, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Training

Elemental Body Transformation Internship – Christian Maurice, Montreal, Qubec (Canada Online) – November 2017

Psychology, Macro Modulation, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Training

Lomi Lomi Heartworks Training Level 1 – Bouddi National Park – May 2018

Switzerland Swiss Olympic Winter Team Camp – Zurich – July 2018

Golden Lotus Sacred Feminine – Womens Health Training – Paris France – October 2018

Switzerland Swiss Olympic Winter Team Camp – Saas Fee Switzerland – October 2018

Golden Lotus Sacred Feminine – Womens Health Training – Marrakech Morocco – November 2018

Sacred Sites of Egypt, Israel and Palestine – February 2019

Kahuna Hawaiian massage Level 1 – Noosa – June 2021

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs – Byron Bay – December 2021

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 hrs – Byron Bay – December 2021

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 25hrs – Byron Bay – March 2022

Meditation Training 50hrs – Byron Bay – March 2022

Temple of Embodiment & Ritual Lomi Lomi Training at House of Shemana – Bryon Bay – July 2022

Remedial Yoga Teacher Training 50 hrs – Byron Bay – August 2022

Advanced Meditation Training 75hrs – Byron Bay – October 2022

Advanced Mediation Pilgrimage 21 days – India – February 2023

Advanced Lomi Lomi Ritual Training Certification – Byron Bay – March 2023

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage – Sydney – July 2023

Sattva Himalayan Tantra Breath-work, Kriya and Meditation Teacher Training 300 hrs -Sydney – December 2023

Sattva Himalayan Meditation Teacher Training 500 hrs – Avalon Sydney – February 2024

Advanced Ayurvedic training with The Raju Family Drs – Byron Bay – April 2024