Our product range supports and nurtures our clients holistic health and healing.

Ask about our products during your appointment to find out which are suitable for you and to create your personalised support protocol.
Superfeast - Aurore Energetics Holistic Products


Since 2011 our mission has been to provide our tribe with the highest quality medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs from around the world. Founded by health educator and tonic herb nerd Mason Taylor, SuperFeast is an extension of his personal apothecary. That’s why the quality is so amazing. Because we only sell what we take.

SuperFeast products are the ones we love and are packed full of love. Just like you, we’re committed to creating a state of safety and balance within our bodies so we are free to pursue our fullest potential for health. We develop and create our products based on the core value that nature provides the greatest feast – that’s why we use only the best quality ingredients, directly from nature.

Shemana - Aurore Energetics Holistic Products


Crystal & Wildflower medicine
We have created Shemana’s own unique vibrational essences through an ancient alchemical process in alignment with Solar, Lunar, Celestial and Earthly energies. The essences are made by harnessing the natural healing energies of Crystal codes and Australian Wildflowers. They are designed to help balance the emotions, clarify the mind and align your spirit. These vibrational remedies have been crafted with the highest integrity and purest intention.

The ritual massage at Aurore is weaved with the powerful elixirs from Shemana. The lomi lomi ritual massage was embodied in the temple space in Mullumbimby in the northern rivers at the house of Shemana.

Wickhart Ritual Products - Aurore Energetics Holistic Products

Wickhart Ritual Products

Energetic Signature Potions ~ Whispers of Innate Wisdom
WickArt’s Alchemy Line is for anybody and everybody who wishes to bring themselves back to the radical simplicity of knowing the essence of who they are.
During this dance of living, we will naturally be exposed to a whole continuum of experiences which is where WickArt wishes to offer a lens into hearing the whispers of our soul / source. This connection cannot be explained rather felt and experienced as a love and guiding light that evolves the more we choose to be present with it.
The products offer ~

A soul remembrance
A safe and loving container for self transformation and inquiry
A window within and most importantly the living embodiment of who we are.

We just adore Missy her wisdom.


OLEU life

OLEU LIFE was born from the desire to board on a journey of wellbeing. Upon the realisation that our fast-paced lives were bound to stress and mindlessness, it became our mission to share our passion for nature’s medicine with others. We believe that true fulfilment comes from becoming aware of our inner selves – listening to what our minds and bodies need. The genuine boosts of energy and transformation of emotional states that come naturally from this is what we are excited to share – through the use of essential oils and aroma experiences.
Essential oils are natural concentrated compounds of plants, flowers or fruits. Their aromatic “essence” and properties are captured and contained in a bottle. These oils have been used for centuries due to their natural healing and medicinal properties. From an aromatherapy point of view, and also due to their incredibly aromatic experience, they can work with the human body, emotions and mind.

At OLEU LIFE, our products are locally made. We cherish the natural ingredients we can find in the country we proudly call home and those we need to source from afar. We respect their history and the knowledge they carry with them. Each product is made with care and intention understanding the science of natural cosmetic formulation. Besides the nourishing botanical ingredients, you find in them, they are also packed with the passion, care and positivity we feel towards natural and mindful lifestyles.

But of course, living mindfully doesn’t stop at our personal wellbeing and development. At OLEU LIFE, our vision is that our willingness to take care of ourselves is mirrored in the way we take care of others – including the environment and our work. Through our output and content, we hope to spread the message of solidarity, empathy and collaboration to make the world a better, happier and better place to live in.

We are super excited to weave this beautiful essential oils in the Aurore experience and have taken home support available.

Bioveda Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil

Bio Veda Ayurveda

Bio Veda was established in 1998 to distribute the finest quality authentic Ayurvedic products in Australia. The journey of BioVeda began amidst the picturesque hills of Mullumbimbi in 1998.
The founder, had a profound passion for India and Ayurveda and sensed a deep calling to introduce the highest quality Ayurvedic products to the Australian market.

Driven by a commitment to authenticity, the purest Ayurvedic companies in India were found and strong and enduring connections with each supplier were formed.

Soon, sacred shipments of exquisitely scented products embarked on a voyage to reach Mullumbimbi, where the meticulous, meditative process of bottling, labelling, and dispatching unfolded.

Ayurvedic practitioners, health food stores, and yoga enthusiasts eagerly embraced BioVeda, not only for personal use but also to share with their beloved clients, customers, family and friends.
We weave the beautiful Bio Veda oils into our sacred medicinal Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage. Tailoring to your health concerns and desires from transcendental experiences. With take home support oils available purchase for self abhyanga massage.

Pureheart Alchemy - Aurore Energetics Holistic Products

Pureheart Alchemy

Our creations are hand-crafted in small batches with great care and deep communion with our plants. As guardians of Gaia, we have selected a diverse range of rare, species and Master Teacher plants, all grown biodynamically in the Pureheart Garden Sanctuary, offering you a unique energetic profile.
At Pureheart Alchemy we choose the highest quality organic ingredients for our Mysts, Essences and Ritual Oils. Designed to be used in Sacred Ritual, these alchemical creations work intimately with your energetic field to raise frequency, expand awareness and open your heart.

We absolutely love the pureheart team.

FWD Form - Aurore Energetics Holistic Products

FWD Form

FWD FRM – where health meets heart, and wellness is a way of life. Founded in January 2021 by the dynamic duo, Scott and Elle, FWD FRM isn’t just a brand; it’s a celebration of health, fitness, and feeling good. As life and business partners with two young children, Scott and Elle embody the philosophy that a fit and healthy lifestyle is essential.
With over a decade of experience as personal trainers and gym owners, Scott and Elle have guided thousands of clients on their fitness journeys. Recognising the significance of supplements, they set out to create a range of natural products with simple, effective ingredients that deliver genuine results. FWD FRM goes beyond being just a brand; it’s a commitment to crafting high-quality, natural formulations in collaboration with naturopaths and nutritionists, that are loved by their community.

Scott and Elle are local leaders in health and wellness. So grateful to have their products at Aurore.

Coastal Rock Co Candles - Aurore Energetics Holistic Products

Coastal Rock Co Candles

We’re a small Central Coast business, created from our love for crystals and candles.
We will be creating small batches of limited edition candles, diffusers, soaps and melts. We will also be stocking some amazing crystals.

Rel the legend hand makes our Aurore candles for Aurore! We love her work.

Alchemical Magic - Aurore Energetics Holistic Products

Alchemical Magic

About Irene Payne

Inspired by crystals, gemstones and her metaphysical studies, Irene Payne combined both passions and launched Alchemical Magic in 2006.
Alchemical Magic specialises in unique jewellery and crystals sourced from Irene’s travels to sacred sites in Tibet, USA, UK, Ireland, Scotland, France, Cyprus, and Italy while she was studying and teaching.
Irene has worked as a spiritual healer and teacher for the past twenty years and during that time has built a large client base through her energetic healing work. It is for these clients that Irene channeled through the Sprays, Candles and Alchemy Collection Jewellery to support her clients in their growth process and to assist in her energetic work; Whether that be individual healings, meditations groups or large workshops.
Irene has trained in a number of healing modalities, including Lightbody, Tibetan & Sharmanic healing and currently runs a successful practice in Sydney, Australia.

Irene has been a mentor and teacher of mine for over 15 years. I traveled on location to study Glastonbury, Egypt and India.

Saltbox Salts - Aurore Energetics Holistic Products

Saltbox Salts

At The Salt Box we are obsessed about good quality, natural salt. And we are passionate about telling people about our salt.

We have grown our bath salt range to include the highest quality brands on the market including Dead Sea salt (Bokek) and magnesium (Zechstein) as well as Epsom salts, Dead Sea salts, Pink Himalayan salts and a range of beautifully, all naturally fragranced bath salts.

Which we stock at Aurore.

Holistic Traditions

Holistic Traditions

Healing herbal teas designed to nourish, support and strengthen your body
Holistic Traditions Brew is an organic herbal tea range created by Naturopath and Herbalist Rebecca Williams.

Gentle and holistic herbal blends designed to support and strengthen your body systems and healing processes.

Each unique blend is formulated for optimum nourishment and exceptional flavour.

Hand blended and only premium organic ingredients are used.

Organic herbal tea created with love and health.

The delightful Rebecca co created our powerful women’s blend herbal tea Shakti.


The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition and is not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare provider.